Our Story

The history of California music is as much about the people who became famous as it is about the continuing contributions to the rich, vibrant culture of the United States.  The immigrants who built this country brought with them their native music, and through years of blending these cultures, the California Sound emerged.


California has always had a rich and profound impact on the world's music culture and has produced a musical dynasty whose contributions have shaped and defined California music.  Recognizing the need to Unite, Join, Inspire, Celebrate, Remember, and Enlighten the public about the influence Americans have in the music industry, the vision for the California Music Hall Of Fame was born.


California Music Hall Of Fame mission will recognize the many important talented music industry professionals from the legends, those behind the scenes, to the up and coming, who have helped shape the rich spectrum of music from rock and country, classical and jazz to R&B, gospel, rap, Chicano, to traditional.  And to educate the public about their accomplishments.


We will continue our musical legacy by hosting our Induction Ceremony, establishing the California Music Hall Of fame, promoting the importance of musical arts education in high schools, implementing our community outreach programs, and supporting programs aimed at honoring, nurturing, and strengthening our past, present, and future music scene.  We will share stories of the people, events, and songs that shaped California music.


The California Sound has been evolving for over a century and it continues to grow and lives on today in grand fashion.  The CMHOF is dedicated to keeping the sound alive for years to come.

Mission Statement: The California Music Hall Of Fame exists to pay tribute to all music professionals through induction ceremonies, to facilitate our community outreach programs, develop high school music education programs, raise awareness of the California Music Hall Of Fame, educate the general public about America’s musical legacy, and raise funds to further our mission.

The CMHOFM mission is based on an abiding conviction that all music plays an integral role in the lives of all Californians. 

Vision Statement: We envision a future where music generates greater economic, cultural, and educational benefits for all, a place where the California Music Hall Of Fame will be the world center for presentation, culture, and the future of California music not only in Temecula but for everyone.

Induction Ceremony.  New members will be honored through induction into the CMHOF and their achievements memorialized to promote an appreciation for our rich and diverse musical culture and history,

Community Outreach Programs:  The CMHOF believes in the importance of Community Outreach Programs.  Community Outreach Programs are about giving, contributing, and helping others.  Our programs allow us to influence younger generations to give back to their communities.  It helps communities grow in a substantial way.

 Our Advisory Board:  Our Advisory Board contains a dynamic mix of people, each bringing a different and unique perspective to the table, that guides the CMHOFM.  This all-volunteer board has given a great deal of their time to launch CMHOF, and they continue to push the organization into new directions.  If you are interested in becoming an Advisory Board member please email Parker Jameson at

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