California Music Hall Of Fame

United In Music, Joined In Hope, Inspired By Dreams

The California Music Hall Of Fame stands in solidarity with the musicians and entertainment workers who were the first to lose gigs and jobs and most likely will be among the last to return to work due to the Covid-19 crisis

Welcome to the California Music Hall Of Fame Website

This website serves as a front-end for the dissemination and distribution of information for and about the legendary music professionals of the Golden State of California and our incredible musical heritage.

Since our inception in 2019, it has been our goal to bring the history, sound, and stories of California's music industry professionals, events, and institutions that have shaped the landscape of California's musical legacy to the greatest possible audience.  We will accomplish this goal by creating a home for the music and memories of brilliant artists to live on and inspire future generations to create their own original dreams.

We will engage, teach, inspire, and unite through the power of music.  We will share stories of the people. events, and songs that shaped Californias music through our induction ceremony, museum exhibits, innovative programs, community outreach, panel discussions, workshops, conferences, competitions, festivals, and concerts.

The legacy of our music has been passed down to our generation to ensure that it continues to be recognized not only as a source of entertainment but to our heritage to be maintained and not forgotten.  The California Music Hall Of Fame will protect this legacy for generations to come.

The California Music Hall Of Fame's journey mirrors the soundtrack of California's musical legacy through the struggles and hopes.  We invite you to join us on this incredible journey and be a part of sharing all the magic of California's musical legacy with the world, opening the door to the next generation of musical innovators and superstars, and celebrating the music in all of us.

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