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We are here to recognize, honor, celebrate, and remember all genres of music and all the music professionals behind the music. The accomplishments of our inductees are not limited to only California musicians but to any music professional, nor is it limited to any single style of music, or to just the realm of performance. Our inductee's achievements have spanned the complete spectrum of all musical genres.  California Music Hall Of Fame is extremely proud of all their hard work.

Election to the California Music Hall Of Fame is of the highest honor.  It recognizes and honors all the contributions and achievements of the music professionals who have influenced and shaped California's impact on the music industry.

Our Induction Ceremony is a commemorative occasion in which those in the music industry who have made an impact on California music, are inducted as new members into the California Music Hall Of Fame.  The Gala Ceremony will reflect an awards show format which will include inductees accepting their induction and performances by some of the inductees.

The number of inductees both performing and nonperforming may vary.  With inductees being inducted both posthumously and while in attendance, our ceremony can be a varied cornucopia of who's who and you will be able to actually witness this moment in time when inductees will be enshrined into the musical legacy of California forever and it is something to treasured.

California music professionals have contributed in many ways that made the music industry what it is today.

We wish all our nominees the very best as the California Music Hall Of Fame strives to honor and celebrate the elite music professionals who have dedicated their lives to enhancing California's musical legacy.

The Induction Process & Criteria

The California Music Hall Of Fame Inaugural Class will include a diverse array of music professionals that have contributed to California's rich musical history.

The first step to becoming an inductee is to be nominated.

Candidates can be nominated by anyone.  Once nominated, the nominee's information is sent to our Elite Anonymous Selection Committee, which is committed to maintaining the highest level of standards regarding inductees while striving to recognize and honor the musical diversity evident in the community.  Once all information has been verified, then our members, and only our members, are allowed to vote on who will be induction into the California Music Hall Of Fame.


It should be noted that all California Music Hall Of Fame inductees are not chosen in any particular order, by popularity, or record sales.

Nominee Must Have/Had A Career Closely Tied To The California Music Industry

1. Performer (Including tribute and cover bands)

2. Music Producer

3. Songwriter

4. Music Education

5. Behind-the-scenes (Manager, publicist, session musicians)

6. Venue, Record Company, radio stations, music magazine

7. Song

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