Our Goals

1. To establish the California Music Hall Of Fame Music Education Center, which will include an event center that can be rented out for live performances and other events, a recording studio. a wall of fame, a shop that to sell California musicians cd's, records, books, etc., along with an eating establishment.
2. To pay tribute, through induction into the California Music Hall Of Fame, to performers and non-performing California music professionals who have significantly influenced the development and perpetuation of the California musical landscape.
3. To facilitate our community outreach programs.
4. To educate the public and provide an information resource regarding California music by means of of a variety of dissemination methods.
5. To inspire and encourage current and and future generations to explore their own music potential.
6. To present lectures, workshops, panel discussions, concerts, festivals, performances, and to provide a forum to spotlight up-and-coming California music talent.
7. To increase the awareness of the impact of California music.
8. To provide high school music education programs.
9.To provide music education and training via the California Dreams Academy.
10. To introduce California audiences to the state's newest and and up-and-coming musicians by hosting the California Emerging Artist Spotlight.  These showcases will encompass all musical genres.
11. To help further the careers of up-and-coming musicians through artist management.
12. To raise funds through donations, grants, corporate giving, performances, and other fundraising activities to further our mission.


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